The 2013 Challenge!

In 2011 our family was spending over $150 every week in groceries. How you say? for a family of four …a combination of poor planning, laziness and the lure of the fancy Fortinos around the corner is to blame.  My 2012 New Year’s resolution was to cut our food waste and groceries by over 30%, cutting our grocery bill down to only $100 and for the most part we were successfully!

Here’s are my top 5 tips!

1. Take stock of your pantry and freezer(s) — I keep a physical list on the top of my chest freezer so that I know physically what is in there. It’s not a great meat sale — if you toss it 6 months later!

2. Take off the rose-coloured glasses when it comes to your love affair with Fortinos or even worse – Costco! The more a grocery store offers in terms of services and extras the more expensive staple products actually are to cover the cost of the extra staff etc. I’ll have more to say about Costco in another blog. I do love Costco but we have re-named it the “100-store”- can anyone get out of there without spending at least $100?

3. Always shop with a list — if it’s not on the list DON’T buy it – plain & simple.

4. Make a weekly meal plan! Take 20 minutes and plan your week’s meals – it’s a must! Comb the flyers and at least plan the “meat” portion of your meal from what’s in the freezer or what is on special. You will never pay $20 for boneless skinless chicken breast again!

5.Try to go meatless at least one evening meal per week.. we tried dozens of great meatless meals and even the kids love it.

My 2013 Challenge is to continue with the same budget of $100 per week but I’m going to use this blog to give you my menu plan and recipes each week to help you save a well!

I think that 2013 is going to be a financially challenging for lots of families, if you could save $50 every week that’s $2600 per year – Imagine what you could do with that? All the best for 2013!


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