Week Two — Getting in the groove

I did make a deal with my husband when we started this challenge this year that I wanted to grocery shopping sans kiddos, so Saturday morning I started out at 8:30am to tackle No Frills inspired by my Momstown Burlington friends to price match produce! I have been price matching dry goods for a while now but produce ~~ would they give me a hassle? No Frills was “no produce” on Saturday morning which was a bit of a disappointment. I manged to re-jig a few things on the fly but reminded myself that Friday shop is where it’s at if you want the deals.

Price matching isn’t that hard in theory but it does help to be organized; I’ve taken a few tips from our Momstown Message Board over the last year that have really helped. I always write the grocery store, size and price of the item I want to match on the back of the grocery list. Once I have located the item I usually put it in the basket with my purse along with the flyer and I always check out couponed or price matched items last, the cashiers always seem happier with that!

You will soon see that much of our groceries are fresh fruits and veggies. We always eat what is on sale and by extension what is in season. I ask my two-year old Sam last week what he wanted for breakfast and he said “just blueberries”, poor thing hadn’t had them in several months. I am still a busy mom of two so driving around to multiple store just doesn’t make sense for me, so price matching got Samuel 2 pints of blueberries and container of strawberries and a rather large cantaloupe and I spent $7, regular price would have been $14.10.


The last tip is to think outside the box sometimes. My sister-in-law, Candice mentioned at Thanksgiving that a 3-bag of Neilson’s milk is always $3.99 at Shopper’s. (you can’t price match because Shopper’s is not considered a grocery store) This week I was out of always every paper product imaginable and Ed need razors desperately, they did have okay sales on and I had a coupon for the razors, paper towel and kleenex. I added on milk, eggs and some cream of mushroom soup which was 69 cent/per and that took me up to just over $75. Their weekend promotion was spend $75 and get $10 in a Shopper’s card (next week’s milk & eggs and Josie’s Valentines) and $10 for Tim Hortons!  I do keep track separately for household consumables and spend $100 per month this includes items such as kleenex, toilet paper, paper towel, medications, vitamins, probotics, diapers,or a new sippy cup for Samuel.

Spend: $86.48

milk, 2 dozen eggs, 7 cream of mushroom soup, fish crackers x2, pesto, frozen mixed veggies, peanut butter, cheddar cheese, 4 boxes of chicken stock, butter, crackers, pre-made biscuits, 4 loaves of Flax & quinoa bread ( 3 of these will go into the freezer for later weeks $1.88 you can’t go wrong) 2 loaves of Rudolph’s multigrain (Josie’s bread – no sugar), club pack of chicken drumsticks, bananas, blackberries, 2 pints of blueberries, strawberries, brocolli, cantaloupe, 3lb bag of carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, Dole Ceasar kit, 4 sweet peppers, green onions, 10lb bag of onions (hoping that the cold room keeps these okay – $1.88 so I can’t go wrong), pears, 10lb bag of potatoes & spinach.


Sunday – take “in” pizza & veggies sticks $10.26 (sometimes it’s good for momma not to cook)

Monday – turkey dinner, stuffing from a box, mashed potatoes, corn (if you don’t have one in your freezer consider buying a utility turkey (some stores have them on sale for 99 cent/pound ) I usually get a 8-10 pounder – I cook it breast side down because I don’t care what it looks like – I makes the meat so tender. We will have this meal, I will freeze 4-5 others for fitijas, casseroles or even on pizza; plus make soup with the carcass. That is $2/meal for meat!

Tuesday – Pork Tenderloin & Cranberries (to use up from Monday night)

Wednesday – pasta bake (making turkey pot pie with tea biscuit top for my friend Joanne for dinner)

Thursday – shrimp & oven fried rice

Friday – Grainy Mustard Chicken  I have bone-in chicken legs so I’ll adapt the recipe to make that work

Saturday – Hashbrown Casserole for our Sunday School Outing

Meat/ Emergency Fund: $17.94


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