Eating Healthy Isn’t Cheap

My daughter Josie (who is 4 years old) for the most part eats refined-sugar free, this has been process that has seen her eating a totally raw diet for 6 weeks, then going gluten, sugar and yeast free  for 3 month more months — good luck finding a bread for that! Finally now at 9 months in we have got to the point where she can eat sugars as long as they in their most natural state, our motto is  – “if God made it, Josie can eat”. If only everyone could eat like that — it has solved her yeast & bowel issues and return our happy girl to us!

There has been a few comprises along the way; cereal is one of them! My kids love it, they have adapted to have hot oatmeal two mornings a week, with cinnamon,apples and a bit of maple syrup drizzled on top.  We tried lots of cereals that I had to finish because they were not approved but finally settled on Nature’s Path Honey’d Corn Flakes, but boy were they expensive! I was clean up my coupon book today and noticed that I had a 25% off coupon for Nature’s Path items at the Bulk Barn, so Thursday’s purchase was 2-750g bags of cereal for $13.48, at Fortinos I had paid $12 for only one bag that big!


Taking my Emergency/Meat Fund: $4.45


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