Week 3 — Planning for success

There are things that I do every week before I ever set foot in the grocery store to shop! I clean out the fridge — there is rarely any fruit but if there is; I keep a ziploc bag in the freezer for smoothies, frozen fruit makes for cold yummy smoothies which we have for breakfast a couple of times a week! There is often a veggie or two; this week there was a few green onions, 2 sweet peppers and half a cabbage, so they move up to the top shelf of the fridge. Out of sight, out of mind equals veggies in the trash!   Next, I always check out the pantry & freezer lists and then on to the flyers. I always make a dinner meal plan and double check my duties to see if I’m on for refreshment for our Sunday School or youth group etc before heading out.

Groceries $86.16 ( two stores: No Frills & Food Basics)

2 pkgs of strawberries, 3 loaves of country harvest flax/quinoa bread, sour cream, 2 cucumbers, 5 royal gala apples, bananas  cauliflower,  4 sweet peppers, green onions,  16lbs of oranges,  parsley, pears, 2 lbs of ground turkey, 2 pkgs of mixed salad, 10lbs of chicken, 5 pkgs of bagels, 2 pkgs of ripe bananas (.47$ each), marshmellows, Josie’s bread, 1lb of butter, 3 pkgs of sliced cheese, 3 pkgs of lunch meats, 4 pkgs of boneless skinless chicken = 22 pieces divided into 7 ziploc bags (put in freezer). That is $3.35/meal for skinless boneless chicken and I will entertain with one of these packs!



Sunday refreshments for Sunday School: orange slices, 2 pkgs of bagels with cream cheese, homemade mini chocolate chip with banana muffins

Sunday Dinner: leftover hot roast beef sandwiches (from freezer), mashed potatoes & corn

Monday: Baked Chicken Fried Rice with Peppers, Green onions

Tuesday: Turkey Pot Pie & Grilled Cauliflower

Wednesday: Salmon Potatoe Cakes,Steamed Carrots & Coldslaw

Thursday: Stronganoff meatballs, steamed peas & egg noodles

Friday: Pasta Bake & salad

Friday night CYC refreshments: sliced oranges, Aunty Sarah’s homemade oatmeal cookies

Saturday: Dinner out for my nephew Seth’s birthday party!

Emergency/ Meat Fund: $18.29

*** Just in case you are wondering why there is a bottle of Sunlight laundry soap in the photo – that was steal of the week. No frills had it on sale for 8.88 and I had it a $1.50 off coupon , making it 6.38$ for 72 loads. ( that’s between 9-10 weeks of laundry for me)


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