I’m a mom of 2 small children who is always looking for ways to save money! I consider myself the CFO of my home and I know that the decisions I make regarding what we eat and what we spend directly affects my family, both our physical and financial wellness.

There are several rules I live by to save money:

I’m not brand conscious, I’ve vowed not be a supermarket snob, I never buy meat unless it is on sale and I am determined not to throw unused food in the trash!  I plan my menu around what I already have in and find recipes that will work with what I have, I rarely buy groceries specifically to try a recipe. I refuse to be embarrassed because I’m saving money – I will price match, use a coupon and go to two stores if necessary to get a deal.

$100 a week might not be right for your family, pick a number that is and try to stick to it! Please know that I didn’t start this challenge on Jan 1st, 2013 being great at saving, I spent the better part of last year working on my strategies and couponing.  Remember any money you save over last year is money in your pocket!


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