Week 4 Update

My whole cooked Salmon that I bought last week was a big hit.. for $3.46 we had a tasty salmon dinner and had plenty to freeze for fish cakes in a couple of weeks. I did forget to buy wine white which I used up last week on the stroganoff meatballs. We are not wine white drinks but I always keep a tetra-pak or a screw-top bottle of a cheap local Pinot Grigio ($9.49) in the fridge for cooking purposes. This week’s emergency trip involved a trip to my beloved Fortinos to pick up some of their pre-packed Ziggy meats. 5 packs @ $11.33 later – we will be stocked up for awhile. I used to buy lunch meats in separate 100 gram lots and freeze it but I was finding it freezer burnt or just plain soggy when it dethawed!

Emergency/Meat Fund: $14.84